Historic Pioneer SquarE

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Pioneer Square Condos | A Hot Commodity


Seattle’s historic and revered Pioneer Square is a Romanesque revival that is presently experiencing a renaissance in urban attractions and a boom in local culture.

“The next generation like the classic architecture,” commented former Seattle Mayor Charles Royer. “[Pioneer Square] is probably the hottest neighborhood in town.”

Among the cobblestone streets, visitors to the square indulge themselves in the premiere brunches and craft cocktail speakeasies, while the numerous art galleries and craft fairs—such as the monthly Seattle Art Walk—serve to inspire them.

Pioneer Square in whole is ultimately more than simply charming—it resonates an electric energy, and that magnetism is attracting entrepreneurs and creatives alike who crave its classically metropolitan spirit.

But this district also attracts a certain “team spirit,” with its proximity to Seattle’s stadiums that host—not only our local sports heroes’ victories—but also countless public events and entertainment that keep Seattle in a constant state of celebration.

As Seattle’s first neighborhood, it’s ideally linked to all forms of transportation both local and regionally—just steps from rapid transit to Bellevue, Tacoma, and Everett—or a weekend train ride to British Columbia. And with a 99% walk score, the entire city is just within reach.

Already underway, Pioneer Square will soon be reunited with Seattle’s waterfront, and Gridiron will be paired with Railroad Way, a pedestrian promenade that will connect directly to the waterfront. No other new construction condominium in Pioneer Square or along 1st Avenue can boast this enviable intersection.

By incorporating and preserving the original aesthetic of the Johnson Plumbing building into this new development, Gridiron is able to occupy this illustrious neighborhood without disrupting it—and rather allow this landmark area to effortlessly flow through it.

Join Gridiron and start a new chapter to a classic story.